Thursday, February 13, 2014

On Staying Organized

I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a bit obsessive when it comes to making lists and staying organized.  People give me flack for it, but it works for me!  I'm also big on the idea that there's a place for everything so that should you go to look for something, you always know where it should be.  If you're my fiance who practices a more "anything goes" approach, you never know where you put your keys last or where your Amazon giftcard went!  He does, however, enjoy a good list so there's that.

For me, being organized reduces my anxiety and stress.  List making helps with that, especially now with home projects galore happening and of course the planning of my wedding!  More on the wedding planning next week.  I'm not a journaling type of gal in the diary sense, but I do keep a journal/notebook to keep track of all my ideas, lists, and other miscellaneous info I need to remember; it goes everywhere with me.  I started this back in college when my summer printmaking professor (a rad rollerderby chick) suggested we keep a journal to jot down our creative thoughts and ideas for our work.  This practice has continued and I keep filled notebooks shelved in my office for reference when I need it.

Now, if there is a way to make being organized even more organized, you best believe I'm on it!  One of the things about my current method of list making that isn't so efficient is when I've completed almost all of the tasks on a list but have moved onto a new list, the old tasks still linger.  It's a bit of a pain to have to flip back and find old lists to mark those tasks off.  And then in between those lists are random thoughts, ideas, and other notes that are just jotted down as they come.  Same goes for my notepads at work.  Thank goodness there are people who have thought these things through more thoroughly than I have and thus created a Duh! Why didn't I think of that?! process.  Enter the Bullet Journal method for note taking which I'm nerd enough to admit has upped my notetaking game, both personally and professionally.  Thanks to Pen & Peplum for this resource.  All kinds of organizing are underway since I discovered this last week, including converting these lists and calendar notes.  I bought a new grid style Moleskin since my current one is reporter style and not really conducive to this new method.  I've used other brand notebooks in the past, but Moleskins are my favorite.  Also, I LOVE Sharpie's fine point pens and think you need them in your life, too.

I love when I come across new products, methods, ideas, etc. that help me so hopefully this may help you as well.  If not, now you just know I'm a bigger nerd than you thought!