I'm Natassia (na-ta-sha), a newlywed creative spirit with a fierce love for baking and Frenchies! By day I work a desk job, but by night/weekend I fill my time baking, tackling home and DIY projects with my husband, and cuddling my sweet Frenchie, Ricky Ricardo!

Let's chat honestly here: I may be a tad obsessive and a bit of a perfectionist. I'm also a planner and a compulsive list maker. The first step is admitting you have a problem!

As an Air Force brat, I can't clearly answer the question "Where are you from?" but I am a Seattle girl at heart. I LOVE that city! I'm the 2nd oldest of four (2 sisters and 1 brother) in a tight-knit crazy family lead by a sassy Puerto Rican mom who found her voice after turning 50, and a traditional Southern gentleman dad who served his country for over 20 years. There is never a dull moment when we are all together!

Random things that make me happy: my husband; dark chocolate; coffee mug collecting; iced vanilla soy lattes; "Love Actually" and "Pride and Prejudice"; office supply hoarding; yellow; taking pictures of my food (yes, I'm "that girl"); my pup, Ricky Ricardo; Arizona Wildcat for life!

I hope you'll enjoy following Capella Creative where I share my life adventures (or misadventures, as they may be), good eats, photography, projects, random bits of happiness, and too many pictures of my Frenchie!


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  1. A new way to stalk you :) Congrats on the blog! Can't wait to read more...Love you <3