Thursday, May 29, 2014

DIY || Office Desk

For as long as I can remember, I've loved making.  Whether it be food, art, or projects for my home, I like the process of creating and the satisfying end result.  I'm also mildly obsessed with power tools although I may sometimes look like a monkey humping a football trying to use!

Enter my latest DIY creation, our office desk.  Josh and I needed a desk for our office and instead of buying something that would have set us back a pretty penny based on our requirements, I decided I'd make it myself.  We wanted a desk that spanned (nearly) the complete 12' width of the front facing wall so that we could both utilize the desk at the same time.  The plan was to support the ends of the desk with IKEA tressels from my work bench and in the center install a file cabinet sort of storage unit.  I probably should have measured the tressels first because as it turns out, they are a few inches too big for our desktop.  No big deal for now, but I may invest in hairpin legs later to make it more presentable.

About the before image...I have no excuse.  This room was just a hot mess!  Without a desk to use, the office was useless and quickly became the go to spot to throw things that didn't have a designated home yet.  Now that the desk is installed, things are looking much better although still in progress.

I gave myself a weekend to get the project complete and was quite proud that I met my deadline.  While this post is not meant to be a step-by-step how-to for building a desk, since I'm sure my dimensions will differ from others', I hope this shows how simple and completely doable this project is.  With just a weekend for time, $100 in supply costs (lumber, stain, screws, and liquid nail), and a few supplies I already had on hand (polyurethane and tressels), I'm able to actually use my office for more than hopeless storage.  Hooray!

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