Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wedding Planning || Engagement Shots

Firstly, an update to my last post: It was only a few short weeks ago that I shouted from the rooftop about our new home purchase.  The excitement radiating from Josh and I was off the charts.  Then we got a call from our lender the following Saturday apologizing for his oversight of one very important factor that would have immediately disqualified us from being eligible for the USDA loan.  From the very first moment.  Somehow, despite the mounds of paperwork we were required to sign and the back and forth crunching numbers, it was missed that our household income exceeds the income cap mandated by the USDA loan program.  We had no idea and were absolutely crushed by this news.  The only reason we were buying a house to begin with was because of this Godsend of a program.  So long story short, we won't be purchasing a home after all.  Womp womp.

In happier news, it occurred to me after sharing some images with Josh's family a couple weeks ago that I never published any of our engagement images.  Oops!  An engagement session wasn't really a priority for us but we needed something to include on our save the date postcards so we set out on way too hot afternoon with a tripod and remote in hand to take something that would be decent enough to use.  It was a lot of trial and error but we ended up with a few keepers and some great bloopers, also!  We shot at two different locations near our house: an empty Potato Barn warehouse and the garden walkway of my favorite neighborhood where my favorite coffee shop is, so name The Coffee Shop.  More on that goodness another day. We decided on the shot above.

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