Thursday, March 5, 2015

Currently || February

February came and went so quickly, I'm still trying to figure out how it's already March 5th! Here's a recap of how the month went.

Eating...cucumbers with hummus like it's going out of style. I also went on a deli meat and cheese kick made into little rolls and dipped in spicy brown mustard.

Drinking...all the espresso now that we have a legit espresso machine! Unfortunately I got a nasty head cold earlier in the month so I was also downing a natural remedy that cleared me up in 4 days flat! It's good for a nice little detox, too. Mix juice from half a lemon (or other citrus), an ounce of raw honey, an ounce of Bragg's organic apple cider vinegar, a pinch of turmeric, and about a teaspoon of freshly grated ginger. When I was really stuffed up I threw in a pinch of cayenne pepper for good measure. I added crushed ice and drank it twice a day. So good!

Reading...tutorials for projects to make with my new Cricut Explorer! I have yet to get it cranking up since my computer is on the fritz but the list of things to make keeps growing.

Watching...Night Watch on A&E on Thursday nights. It's a good one.

Cooking...on the grill since we have been blessed with some awesome weather lately. The hubs grilled some delish chicken that still makes my mouth water. favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe from Martha Stewart. The cookies are more cake-like and chewy--my fave.

Loving...the chance to spend time with my grandparents who came to visit for the month. I hadn't seen them in 5 years so it was well overdue. Bonus: Josh got to meet them for the first time and they loved him, naturally.

Wanting...a new computer since mine is hanging on by a thread. I gifted myself a 15" MacBook Pro when I graduated college 8 years ago (whoa, I'm feeling really old right now!) and it has hung in there for far longer than expected. It is trying so hard to keep up with the few programs I run on it, but it is killer trying to get anything done, especially editing. Just hang in there little buddy, my money tree is still growing! new favorite jeans, the sexy girlfriend, from GAP. I loved the first pair so much I had to stock up before they were gone! keep up on my cardio schedule and picking up a bi-weekly private yoga session with one of my girlfriends. This along with my 2 regular weekly yoga sessions should get me ready for the river this summer, hopefully!

Feeling...nostalgic about my wedding day since we've been working on our wall collage for the living room. I ordered a couple canvas prints and now just have to figure out which prints to frame.

Swooning...over the delicious dishes at Nikki and Matt's new downtown Tucson breakfast/brunch/lunch joint, nook. From the food to the urban rustic decor, this place is amazing! I'm doing their photography work and could not be more excited nor more proud of this great endeavor they've included me in.

Making...time for long walks and dog park visits with Mr. Ricardo while the weather is still tolerable for his easily overheated body. external hard drive and realizing I take far more (non-client) images with my iPhone than with my DSLR. I should work on that.

Pinning...inspiration and tips for improving my hand lettering.

Celebrating...5 months of marriage to my favorite!


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