Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Festivities

family road trip!

Instead of spending this Labor Day weekend lounging about the house, working on projects, and finishing "Orange Is The New Black," Josh and I (and Ricky Ricardo, too!) escaped to Lake Havasu to spend time with Josh's oldest half brother, Dave, and his family. Josh is originally from Yorba Linda, CA where his older half siblings still live, but Dave has a vacation home in Lake Havasu City where he keeps his fun outdoor toys. Although pretty well burnt (despite using SPF 50) and tired from an adventurous weekend, we enjoyed ourselves thoroughly!

taking a dip in the questionable but cool water
Saturday afternoon we took the boat out for a few hours but got off to a bit of a slow start. Actually, we got off to NO start at all since the gas tank was empty! Once that situation was resolved, we cruised through the lake and anchored for a bit to take a swim. With rain clouds overhead and a steady drizzle coming down, we figured we would call it an early day and head back to the house to make dinner and take it easy since we had big plans for the next day.
So these big plans...they involved propelling oneself into the air via a board with boots strapped to it and a jet ski powering it all, better known as flyboarding. It's part 'This is totally awesome!' and part Uncle Si 'What is this, Star Wars?' so naturally Josh was into it since he'd been dying to try if after seeing it on youtube months back. Josh plus his brother, three nephews, and a friend spent three hours flying around on this board, doing flips and dives and spins. It was definitely worth it to see all of their smiles when they were done! J (Dave's wife) and I worked on our tans since losing our bikini bottoms in front of crowds of onlookers wasn't much of an interest to us. Oh, and when I say I worked on my tan, it was more like I roasted like a lobster!

Josh flyboarding

can you see the pure joy in our faces?!

While flyboarding was the highlight for the boys on Sunday, I was looking forward to being towed on the raft. I cannot remember the last time I laughed so hard from having so much fun! Even when I got thrown off the back of the raft doing 40 mph, I was laughing hysterically! Hitting the water hurt, but it was so much fun that I almost couldn't stop laughing enough to swim back to the circling raft. With a thumbs up and retying of my bikini bottoms, we were at it again! I can't wait to go back.
happy lobsters!

this handsome guy

For dinner Sunday, Dave and J treated everyone to Sho Gun, a Japanese tepan style restaurant that they kept raving about. Josh has never had Japanese food so this was interesting! I have to give him credit because he tried things I didn't think he would even touch. He's one of those picky eaters due to fear, so sometimes you just have to trick him into eating something then admit that there was raw fish once he says he likes it! He's come a long way since we began dating when it comes to broadening his taste adventures and each new food he tries is a small victory.

dinner at Sho Gun: Dave and Josh (J in the background)

Not to be left behind, J brought her English Bulldog Maggie to keep Ricky Ricardo company. Maggie is double his size but he has always preferred playing with the big dogs so he was over the moon with such a willing playmate. Like true bulldogs, they could only take the excitement for so long before they were both worn out and needed a timeout to hydrate and nap! He slept the whole way home and continued to sleep the rest of the day. Too much fun for this guy!

too much party, now he needs to rest!

 Hope you all had a wonderful Labor Day weekend!

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