Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry (day after) Christmas!

Two days after my last post, something BIG happened!  I'm still working on putting together that post, so in the meantime, a glimpse into the happenings of the past couple weeks.

Josh and I celebrated our Christmas early on Sunday evening.  Out of sight is a crazy house turned upside down from packing.  This is our little corner of peace!

Josh spoiled me with the tablet I've been pining over for some time.  I love it!

One of my favorite holiday recipes: mint brownies.  I made these for my company's potluck and again to bring to my family for our goodie exchange.  I could eat the whole pan by myself!  I'll post the recipe soon, I promise!

An easy devil's food cake box mix recipe improvised with some holiday mint M&Ms.

Another easy box cake mix recipe using French vanilla cake mix and some Christmas sprinkles.

Christmas Eve at my parents' home.  Ricky looks so festive and majestic!

Now instead of running to open presents at the wee hours of the morning as we did as children, we gather around the table for breakfast first.  A new family favorite is this delicious cranberry orange buttermilk cake.

Christmas morning.  The Santa tree topper is probably as old as I am and has taken a couple falls.  Even with a few bumps and bruises, us "kids" refuse to let my mom replace it.  It's just one of those traditions we can't let go!

Ricky Ricardo stands guard over my gifts.  My family truly spoiled me again this year!

This Christmas was yet another reminder of how blessed I am to have such an amazing family.  It's nice to be able to surround yourself with the people you love most and recharge your mental batteries.  And while my siblings and I are all grown, having my 3 year old niece around really makes Christmas come alive again with excitement.

The next few days will be busy as we move into our new home and try to get settled in before the new year gets in full swing.  I normally spend New Year's Eve/Day with my family, barely making it to midnight to watch the ball drop!  This year, however, Josh and I are going to spend this time together enjoying a low key dinner at our favorite Italian spot downtown, Cibo.  I'm looking forward to the new year and can't wait to see some big goals come to fruition.  Now to make that resolution list!

Merry (belated) Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!  May the new year bring all the health, wealth, and happiness you deserve!

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