Thursday, January 23, 2014

He Liked It, So He Put a Ring On It!

Forgive me for my absence, but I have some BIG news to share!  This lady is engaged!

The Story

Josh and I had been ring shopping here and there last year and narrowed it down to the top three rings.  I wanted to be surprised when the time finally came so I left it up to Josh to pick THE ring.  And surprised I was!  He had hinted that it would happen before the end of the year after having nervously asked my dad's permission to have my hand in marriage.  This step was non-negotiable and terrified Josh, but I'm proud of him for doing it and I know my dad appreciated it.  I figured he was waiting for Christmas or New Year's Eve to pop the question so it didn't even hit me that December 14th was any different a day from any other.

The day started out a little rough after sneaking away with his broken phone to have it fixed as a surprise Christmas gift.  Right as I pulled up to the repair shop, he called me in a panic and begged me to not look in his phone because I'd find out details about the proposal and it would ruin it.  He didn't mention that the proposal was going down THAT day so I still didn't have a clue.  His phone got fixed and I was none the wiser.

Later that day, my sister, brother-in-law, and niece came to stay the night with us on their way up to Flagstaff, so after eating dinner we packed into my car with hot cocoa in hand and went to Loop of Lights to admire all the pretty Christmas lights.  I love Christmas time and especially love Christmas lights so I was so excited and oblivious to anything else as I sang along to carols on the radio.  On our way home we had to make a bathroom pit stop because Josh said he couldn't wait.  Turns out those were just the nerves kicking in since he hadn't touched his hot cocoa and our house was only two minutes away!  It would all make sense soon, though.

Since his car was conveniently parked in the garage in such a way that my car wouldn't fit, we parked on the street in front of the house.  As we began walking up the driveway, he opened the garage door.  It took me a second to register since the garage was oddly dark, but I could make out the faces of my parents.  And my other siblings.  And Josh's mom, her boyfriend, and his sister.  I tried to remember if we had plans that I had just forgotten, but nothing made sense to me.  Then there were lights!

I don't think I have ever been more surprised nor more happy than I was at that moment!  The people nearest and dearest to me were all together in support of Josh and I--my heart was truly full.  (When I think about this moment, I hear that quote from Hope Floats: my cup runneth over!)  I doubled over in disbelief and proceeded to laugh/cry and shake for the next few minutes.  Josh got down on one knee and and I said yes, or at least something that closely resembled that through the tears and shaking!

The planning, support, and secrecy of the proposal still amazes me.  I am not surprised by Josh's thoughtfulness because that is just the kind of wonderful guy he is.  He deserves so much credit and I know I am lucky to have him.  But to know that everyone was in kahoots and I had no idea whatsoever just tickles me.  Friends, family, and his coworkers all knew and I was completely oblivious; I'm glad everyone kept their cool and didn't give it away!

Josh's mom and her boyfriend really went all out to help make the 4'x10' sign during what I was told was a family shopping trip.  So sneaky!  This sign, by the way, is impressive (with 379 lights to be exact!) and will be hung in our new master bedroom!  They also picked up some tasty celebration cupcakes from one of the local cupcake shops--they really knew how to get me!

My family lives 2 hours away and literally drove up just to help set this up and spend some time with us before driving back that same night.  They had known for weeks and not said a word!  I love that they were able to be a part of this day because it just wouldn't be the same. 

On a side note, I had warned my sisters that if they knew Josh was going to propose to not tell me but to also not let me look a hot mess.  In my older sister's defense, she did try several times getting me to change out of my yoga wear from class that morning insisting that I would be cold.  My logic was to throw on a comfy U of A hoodie and some mukluks which is why I was lookin pretty stylish!

It still seems so surreal and sometimes I have to pinch myself!  Thank goodness Josh thought to capture it all so I can relive it over and over!  And it may seem silly, but I swear being a fiance feels different than being a girlfriend.  I didn't think a ring would change anything but it has and it makes me giddy!  I sometimes send Josh random pictures while at work captioned "Have you heard I got engaged?!" and I think he loves it!

I am so over the moon with excitement over my engagement and cannot wait to marry Josh this September!  And now...the planning!

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