Thursday, January 30, 2014

Everything is Anew

Now that the world officially knows I'm a betrothed woman, writing about all things anew makes a bit more sense.  I feel like I'm working on a clean canvas with so many new beginnings.  In December I became engaged which started a new season of my life I feel.  Then Josh and I moved into our new house which we are totally smitten with (projects galore to come soon!).  Of course there is the new year which always brings about a feeling of starting fresh.  And then there is the beginning of the end of my twenties as I just turned 29 on January 17th.

With so many big changes in such a short amount of time, I'm a bit overwhelmed.  I'm also feeling inspired to really seize these new opportunities to make the best of myself and my circumstances.  I've heard of these xx things to complete before xx birthday, so I've been working on my 29 before 30 list which I'll post soon.

I also have jotted down a few goals/intentions and lifestyle changes I've set for myself this year and beyond, including being more conscious as a whole.  This includes conscious eating and fitness, conscious spending, and conscious saving for those things that are really important, say a wedding and buying a house!  Instead of impulsively buying frivolous items because they make me happy at that moment, I'm trying to think of the big picture.  And instead of throwing down on an In n Out cheeseburger then skipping the gym, I'm thinking about back fat in my wedding dress and maintaining a better quality of life.  Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to give up my love of cupcakes, I will just practice moderation!

I think I need a new phone, the focus has gone to crap!

Another goal I've set for myself, not just for the year but for always, is to seize opportunities and set fear aside.  I can admit that I sometimes shy away from those things that would make me happy out of fear of failure.  It's about time I just make shit happen!

So "Carpe Diem" and "Just Do It" and all that great motivational stuff!  I'm kicking ass and taking names from here on out.

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