Thursday, June 19, 2014

Behind the Lens || 2 Hearts, 1 Kitchen

I'm a big believer in supporting small businesses, especially so when they're owned by fabulous friends with a penchant for good food.  So when my friend of 20+ years, Nikki, and her husband Matt hired me to shoot new promotional material for their catering company 2 Hearts, 1 Kitchen, I was all in.

A little back history on Nikki and I...We met back in 1993 when both of our families were having a house built in the same cul-de-sac on the outskirts of Tucson.  Being just a few months apart, we became instant friends and have stayed friends despite multiple moves between us.  My little brother was a big fan of her house when he was a wee tot since her parents spoiled him with cookies so if he went missing, we knew we would find him at their house.  Or sometimes he'd just wander back on his own wearing just his diaper, bottle in one hand and cookies in the other!  Her house was also where we spent a lot of time watching Steel Magnolias, baking in her easy bake oven, and throwing down on her mom's no-bake chocolate cookies--the best!  Who knew that these early years would be a peek into her future.

I made my way back to Arizona to attend the U of A and Nikki ventured onto culinary school in Scottsdale where she met her now husband, Matt.  Together they've traveled the world, working in various restaurants and eventually settled back in Tucson where they created a catering company and cafe (x2) of their own. They're so passionate about food, they even catered their own wedding, including the cake!  Wonder foodies, for sure! Nikki and Matt have created two tasty cake creations for our family so far, one for my niece's baby shower and another for her 3rd birthday.  And of course I've trusted them with creating something wonderful for my wedding cake and shortly after for my little sister's wedding (that may be news to them, we should talk!).

Back to the job.  I spent a morning in their kitchen as they whipped up one delicious dish after another, all perfectly plated and smelling amazing.  The goal was to create clean, appetizing images to be used on their website and promotional materials to promote their ever growing business.  Last month, Tucson Bride and Groom featured their business on their blog which included some of the images I shot--check it out.  Keep scrolling for some great behind the scenes peeks at our setup and our audience!
The Thompsons' beloved pug, Lola, was an excellent assistant!

The setup was simple: white foam core panels, FANTASTIC natural light, and simple cutting surfaces.

Behind the scenes collage courtesy of Nikki. Ricky Ricardo and Lola even made cameos!

Thank you, Nikki and Matt, for thinking of me for the job.  I hope we have more opportunities to work together in the future.  Can't wait to see what amazing work you create for my wedding!

If you need a reliable, experienced, personable caterer for an upcoming event, big or small, or you are in need of some sweet pastry creations, I urge you to contact Nikki and Matt

If you're looking for a photographer to help you with your small business, I'm always happy to arrange a consult!



*All images featured in this post are mine unless noted otherwise. Graphic design work is credited to Nikki and Matt's designer.

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