Thursday, July 31, 2014

DIY || Screen Print Jig

In college I took a summer "Alternative Methods in Printmaking" course that was, by far, one of my favorite classes ever.  My professor was a grad student who happened to be a kick ass roller derby chick with a unique style and encouraging spirit.  One method we didn't cover, however, was screen printing.  I've always wanted to learn, constantly reading up on home setups and even backing a Kickstarter fund for Screen Printing On The Cheap. So when it came time to design our wedding invitations, I knew I wanted to try my hand at it.  What better time to jump start my learning!

Thanks to inspiration from Handmade Weddings, I set off to make my own screen print jig that was small enough to use at home but also mobile in case I needed to take it to the studio.  I had already purchased a screen from Michael's so I knew I needed my back board to accommodate it's size but also allow for bigger screens if needed.  A Google search brought me to these hinge clamps since none of my local hardware stores carried them.  That's all I needed to get started.

Word to the wise, you'll need to create an inset in your back board to allow for the screen to lie flush.  I used MDF which was an easy material to chisel, but you may want to keep this in mind when choosing your material.

That's it!  The hardest part, or should I say most time consuming, is the actual screen set up since it requires several steps with dry time in between.  I'll share more on that process soon!

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