Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Our Wedding!

Sound the horns, our wedding images are here! 

Marcos did a fantastic job capturing our big day and I'm so excited I get to relive it over and over again! It's also fun to see some of the moments I missed while being secluded in the bridal suite pre-ceremony. One little twist I hadn't mentioned before (and why delivery of the images was delayed) is that not all of the finished images were shot on our wedding. Say what?!? That crazy storm wreaked havoc on Marcos' flash equipment which made it hard to complete some of his planned shots. So a few weeks after our wedding, Josh and I hopped back in our wedding attire, got all done up again, and did a fun little shoot downtown with Marcos and his wife.  I love both sets equally and can't wait to get our favorite prints framed on the wall.

Without further ado...

Talking to my abuelita

If Lola didn't cry at least once, it wouldn't be right!

The chaos behind the scenes!

Handkerchiefs with our names and wedding date wrapped in a "For your happy tears" note.

The moment my dad winked at me and all the feels started flowing!

She was perfection!

So full of emotion and happy to have my dad by my side. Not pictured: the really ugly cry face just before this!

That face staring back at me was everything.

Nikki cries a lot, too!

This must have been the part about spark plugs!


See, more Lola tears!

My something old and borrowed was my mother-in-law's mother's wedding ring that my seamstress incorporated in my dress with blue thread and a cute blue ribbon. I think it was a success!

Redo shot!

Redo shot! And perhaps my favorite!

Redo shot!

Redo shot!

Yup, we cut the wrong layer. Doesn't matter, I ate both layers anyway!

I melt every time I see this image. Definitely a favorite.

The end!

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  1. Absolutely Gorgeous Tassia...The pictures made me teary eyed. Congrats lady!