Thursday, November 7, 2013

Behind The Lens || Baby Fever

It seems that this year is the year of pregnant friends everywhere I turn.  I swear each time I check Facebook, someone new is expecting and that's not an exaggeration!  While I don't plan on jumping on this boat anytime soon (despite persistent, non-subtle nudging from my future mother-in-law!), I have a serious case of baby fever.  Lucky for me, I can just borrow a friend's little nugget and give him/her back once I've had my fix!  Is it me or do you wish you could bottle up that new baby smell?!

A couple of friends recently gave birth within a few weeks of each other and I was beyond excited to offer my services to provide newborn photos for them to cherish as their little girls are growing quickly.

Shannon and I go back a few years from when she worked for me back in my camera retail days.  She is one of the kindest, most thoughtful and funny people I have ever met; you can't help but gravitate toward her.  A couple years after the close of our store, I went on to shoot her engagement photos and later her wedding so naturally, it was a no brainer to see it all come full circle to her firstborn!  The great thing about working with a friend is the level of comfort you experience that you probably wouldn't get from allowing a stranger into your home to capture such a precious time.  Not the case here!  Baby Abby was a perfectly behaved model and absolutely adorable.  
One of my favorites!

Sleeping Beauty

Megan and I go back almost a couple decades!  We know each other from way back when my dad was stationed in Tucson and she and her family had just relocated from New York.  She comes from a family of four kids (all girls!) who happen to all match up pretty closely in age to me and my siblings.  Coincidentally, a few years ago I also shot her wedding!  Megan's husband is in the Air Force and was deployed just a couple weeks before she gave birth to itty bitty Mallory.  She came back to Tucson to be with family while her husband is deployed and we figured he may want some special keepsakes from these early weeks he is missing so we incorporated a special tribute to her daddy.   
Little lady knows how to accessorize!

Proud to be an Air Force brat!

You want a baby now, right?!  If you're looking for someone to capture your special memories, leave me a comment; I'd love to work with you!

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